Friday, July 3, 2009

June 29 - July 4 June Gas Firing

Well this last firing was the best for me so far - finally no blistering on any pots.
The fish plates turned out great, though need a more subdued blue still. I seemed to have gotten a feel for the right spraying thickness finally. The line blend that I did with reducing the cobalt for the Hannah Blue Ash showed that instead of 1.5 % Co, if I use 1% it should tone down the blue. Any less and I get more green, but a army type of green, not very nice - as the glaze without colourants is an ochre colour.

The casseroles were done in several different glazes first two with stoney yellow and the bottom one with bone ash - but all with waterfall green brushed and then rubbed off to highlight the shellac resist and carvings.