Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Journey Workshop July 21 to July 26 - Back to my Journey Goals

Well with MISSA over it has taken me several days to get back onto track of working on my "journey" goals - getting a more unified look on pots that really excite and satisfy me.

I started throwing some larger pieces in bottle shapes, with the intent of adding applique work. However I found that shapes with a belly just do not look good with that type of decoration - the belly protrudes and appliques just sticks it out more. So I ended up making bottles with more oval shape, and adding a slab bottom. The flattened side provides a canvas. I often try out designs first with paper cutouts.

At MISSA on the bellied bottles,(see the bottom photo)- instead of hitting the foot with a stick, I decided to stomp down on the foot with the end of a stick and this gives a different look that I like. I also sometimes added a clay button first and then stomped down. Once home I have carried through with this method on my paint pots, bottles, vases, cups etc. and I'll see how I can integrate this into my other designs.


  1. I really enjoy your blog and your potsy.

  2. i want your studio! where is that turquoise body of water outside the window.
    this studio is gorgeous -- as is your work!!!

  3. Hi DJ - My studio? I wish! That is where the pottery classes are held for MISSA - Metchsoin International School of the Arts near Victoria. I highly recommend it - they have a few workshops in June but mostly there are the two weeks in July.

  4. The added button of clay prior to stomping with the stick adds just the right amount of contrast to the effect. When you first used the stick, there was no footprint form the end of it, just the stick's line. The button of clay takes it to the next level.